October 08, 2015
Lost Caverns
Lost Caverns is an exciting 2D platform game that will test both your reflexes and puzzle solving abilities. Reminiscent of old school arcade platformers - but with a twist! Use your mining claw gadget to grab precious gems, gold and relics from within the Lost Caverns.

Explore a rich, colourful world with different locations, enemies and treasure. But be warned - around every corner lurks danger in the form of monsters, traps, poisonous lakes of acid and other unspeakable horrors. You’ll need your wits, reflexes and skill to make it to the exit door in one piece.

Lurking in the Lost Caverns you’ll meet creatures who'll make your hair stand on end. Hunting treasure means surviving Ghosts, Worm Wraiths, house-sized critters and a host of other monsters. You never know what’s waiting around the next corner.

Game features:
• Platform game with multiple worlds (with more planned)
• Exciting physics puzzles
• Find secret zones and hidden treasure
• Highly replayable - get gold on all stages
• Use your gadget to collect, solve puzzles and even kill!
• Full physics engine
• Outwit the menacing inhabitants of the caverns
• Battle Wraiths, Zombie Flies, Tarantulas and many more...
• Beautiful soundtrack
• Hidden areas
• unlock the NEW impossible mode
• Easy to play but challenging for completists!
• All future updates and levels free

Plunder crumbling ruins, fly to the top of ancient trees, trek along a forgotten coast in the search of the next stash of loot. Fill your treasure bar up to open each exit - bronze, silver and gold. All graphics are hand drawn by a children’s book illustrator and you’ll enjoy the art style while you play.

Lost Caverns is available for free on Google Play.
October 07, 2015
Catch the Pearl: Fish Story
Catch the Pearl - Fish Story is a wonderful arcade game for children (without any violence). It tells the life story of a fish named Cody. This cheerful fish loves pearls. As soon as he sees pearls has must catch them.

Features in "Catch the Pearl - Fish Story":
- Two game modes: Single player and two players game mode (on one device)
- This is an arcade game for kids, in which you have to collect colored pearls (yellow gets 1 experience point, red gets 3 experience points, black 5 experience points)
- Each level has a different number of pearls that you need to collect to complete the mission and unlock the next level
- Houses can be upgraded and vary in price and speed of collecting pearls.
- You can collect gold coins which fall in each level and lets you buy upgrades
- With each level there are new enemies (evil and wicked sharks, vile and insidious jellyfish, hungry pearls malicious and despicable minions, mysterious and insidious rays)
- In each level you can catch objects lost by tourists on board (eg. Camera, umbrella, Fast food, football, ...). When you gather all you go to a bonus level filled with pearls and coins

This wonderful arcade game is designed for family fun. The 2 players mode will provide a lot of fun leaving room for human interaction through playing on the same device.

Catch the pearl Fish Story is an adventure game for the entire family. The initial levels are simple and fun, even children aged 2-3 can play it. Further levels are difficult so the game can be a challenge even for children 6 - 8 years.

The game is available for free on Google Play.
October 06, 2015
Eye Candy Humble Mobile Bundle Brings Beautiful Games
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The Humble Bundle team has just announced a new set of Android games while supporting the EFF And Worldreader charities. If you pay $1 or more then you get access to Deep Under the Sky, Botanicula and Haunt the House: Terrortown. The second tier unlocks for $3.93 (as of writing this) and includes Jelly Defense, Dark Echo and Fearless Fantasy (with more to be announced soon).

October 05, 2015
Material [Re]design: Part II, “Are We There Yet?”
www.xda-developers.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/materialdesign_introduction-150x150.png" height="150" width="150" style="float: left; margin: 0 15px 15px 0;" />

When Google announced Material Design at I/O in 2014 many hailed it as a much-needed change to unify the appearance of the many varied apps available, uptake was slow but many developers converted the UI of their apps and reasonably widespread adoption was achieved.

But does the community still appreciate Material Design in the way they did before? We take a look at the more critical comments you have made over the last few days regarding MD and its adoption.

www.xda-developers.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Bez-n--zvu-1.gif" height="211" width="282" />

This is directing your attention. Image by Miroslav Vitula.

“I think the concept is very awesome. Directing a person’s attention to your focal point(s) is the most important thing in all design. Digital media hasn’t found a consistent way of conveying this. There are “rules” based on studies that show how to manipulate people’s attention, where to place things, the “optimal” layouts, etc.; but when it comes down to directing attention from one “page” to another, every speculation and design is scattered and artistic, at best. A design scheme created specifically for assisting non-user interaction, focusing attention and optimizing conversions interests me. Is it perfect? No. I believe it goes a little too “mobile first” and can destroy the desktop experience (Inbox). While trying to get everyone on the same design concept, personality can be lost; think bootstrap. Like bootstrap, rounded corners, shadows, “3D”, flat, tie-dye, etc.; it can be overused, underused, misused or used to make things that are so amazing and beautiful, it is inspirational.” – Eric Chaffey

“I don’t want my phone to direct my attention to where it (or its designers) want it to be.  I want it to present information in a way that’s best for me.” –  Jürgen Erhard

“It’s interesting, it’s complicated but Google themselves still cannot use the full potential of it. Look at stock android it looks unfinished and dull, they’re making changes all the time to the design they say that there are standards but they keep improving/changing those standards. Many people are unhappy that Google can’t decide their default language because of that, but they state that it’s a long-term thing I hope they will develop it to the full potential. But for me personally at the moment it’s still not good enough and gets boring very quickly, I prefer other interfaces like LG UX and others.” – F-L-Y-E-R

“I hate material design so much, it’s terrible, the whole UI feels like it has been hit by a blizzard. It looks nice at first but when you need to get things done you soon realize that this pretty interface gets in the way. There is just so much white space, with so little content, you need to scroll all the time and all that white drains battery on AMOLED. The reload and FAB look so detached and out of place in the interface, I have learned that it is there but it just isn’t very logical because many other buttons are placed on top. And who thought it was a good idea to place most UI elements on top anyway!? That’s where they are hardest to reach, if you are a right handed/single-handed user, even Android 1.x got that right (as was the placement of the back button, bottom right, where Samsung still puts it)! And that hamburger slide out, it looks so messy, why leave like 20% of the UI visible in the background, it looks messy and is otherwise ugly.

“Why didn’t they just place hamburger and menu in the nav bar where they’d be easily accessible and save screen real estate? Duarte has turned the Android UI to crap, gingerbread might not have looked very pretty but it was intuitive and easy for single-handed users” – godutch

“MD was one of worst things in LP, not in terms of unifying the Android system, but in how google made it. The large amount of small shadows and layers, that maybe 5% of devs use.

www.xda-developers.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Materialporn.gif" rel="nofollow">www.xda-developers.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Materialporn.gif" height="200" width="267" />

Image by Miroslav Vitula

Thinking about what you are doing with apps is seriously terrifying. I helped make a few apps, and even if it’s easier to “design”  the look of an app, I see that most devs, including Google itself, mess so much with it, that it needs more and more power to hide those problems.

No one give a flying pig about making apps more optimized, because phones are powerful right? well NO. If the system itself and apps would be made with head on shoulder and devs would spend a few more days to make good app (instead of fixing it for rest of their lives) apps would not only take less space, but it would take less resources. I know that apps need to have few version of graphics and today’s phones have high res screens, but still it’s not an excuse to make such a mess like MD is now.” – Akinar

It can be seen that the community still have mixed and strong feelings about MD, as many popular apps have yet to update to a more material theme it can give a sporadic feeling. but in the coming years as more devices move to Android 5+, it is likely that many of these concerns will be addressed and we will see close to 100% adoption.

Check out part one here!

October 04, 2015
Someone Had to use VR for This Eventually
www.xda-developers.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/12119037_10153670151235561_3802633059022985321_n-150x150.jpg" height="150" width="150" style="float: left; margin: 0 15px 15px 0;" />

A member of staff at Valve has proposed in the most up to date and geekiest way possible, by designing an engagement ring and having it float towards his now-fiancée whilst she was working inside a program on the HTC Vive. Cheesy or romantic? Leave a comment below!

Rally! Android Concept Designer Looking for Xposed Developer
www.xda-developers.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Screenshot-2015-10-03-at-22.27.26-150x150.png" height="150" width="150" style="float: left; margin: 0 15px 15px 0;" />

Miroslav Vitula the concept designer behind Xposed module XGPM, has designed another piece of concept art for an Xposed Module and is looking for a developer to make his work a reality once again. Help a fellow enthusiast out!

“Open WiFi filter I got this idea when quickly searching for an open WiFi outside to download an app. Most of the networks were secured and it was tough to quickly scan through the enormous list of available networks and choose an unsecured one.”