November 20, 2014
Christmas Tree
Kids don't have to wait for Christmas to have fun, they can do it now with Christmas Tree puzzle and while they get into the holiday mood they also practice their puzzle-solving skills. The game is fairly simple, the goal in all play modes is to connect the Christmas tree ornaments in the correct order as instructed by the visual lines. Here's what this educational game has to offer:
- Christmas Tree puzzle where the background is a beautiful tree decorated with ornaments that form a starry chain and the goal is to follow the trajectory to complete the level
- You can also play one of the 80 additional levels that increase in difficulty as more complicated structures have to be drawn
- Compete with other friends (via Google Play Services) or other game players and see how fast can you solve the given puzzle
- The puzzles rely on actual geometric or mathematical figures so you'll be able to recognize graphs, Euler cycles or even the Seven Bridges of Königsberg

"Christmas Tree" puzzle is a challenge for the mind that's in tone with the upcoming Christmas holiday. While the design resembles a cartoon, don't be fooled as some puzzles require deep concentration and the ability to recognize the correct path to follow. The game is available for free on Google Play.
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