March 31, 2015
ezVault is an application that easily allows you to store username/login, contact and other sensitive data in securely encrypted files ("vaults") on your Android device. Each vault has it's own password and can contain as many entries as you have room to store on your device. It provides the security of AES-256 data encryption without having to encrypt your entire device and the convenience of directly launching the appropriate app with your saved data.

In order to prevent other applications from gaining access to your decrypted data, ezVault does not include third party products that require external connections, such as adware (even the trial version).
You can directly launch the application on your device using your secure data by tapping the item icon.

ezVault recognizes the following types of data:
• Phone Numbers – launches the dialer or SMS (text) application (you are prompted to choose)
• email – launches an email application and pre-populates the “To” field.
• Web sites (with optional user/password) - launches a web browser. Future capability will automatically log you in based on username and password stored in ezVault.
• System (with optional user/password) - login information that is not used specifically by an app
• memo - free-form text that is not used by any particular app. This is a multi-line item that allows you to keep complex notes.
• address - physical or mailing address. Launches in map application with the address prepopulated.

ezVault secures your data when you leave your device idle. After a user-configurable period of user inactivity, ezVault will secure your data, either by closing the file or by blanking the screen if you have made changes. Your data is secured without encrypting or locking the entire device.
Building and Distributing SDK Add-Ons

Since Google Play Services took much of the thunder away from the Google APIs SDK targets, SDK Add-ons have fallen a bit out of the mainstream thought of Android developers. However, if you are an OEM of an Android-based product (especially one that may not be in the consumer space), then SDK Add-ons are worth another look.

March 30, 2015
Travel Numbers
Going on vacation? Download Travel Numbers, a “must have” app that has all the important travel phone numbers you need in one place. What happens when you are out of the country and your data plan doesn't work? Now you can travel with confidence knowing that all your airline, hotel, cruise, and car rental agencies phone numbers are safe and accessible in your phone.

This essential app helps you call your hotel or airline when you are somewhere with sketchy internet service. Travel Numbers has the most recent actual phone numbers that will connect you to a person fast—saving time and eliminating frustration. Get connected to a person that speaks your language.

Now you no longer need to surf websites or dig through paperwork to find the right phone number with this handy travel directory. Travel Numbers is intuitive, easy to use, and free.
March 27, 2015
SlimRoms: Updates on the Horizon" height="150" width="150" style="float: left; margin: 0 15px 15px 0;" />

SlimRoms’ website has been experiencing technical difficulties for the last month or so, but it’s good to know the team is working hard and is still on top of things.

The SlimRoms GitHub repos are getting updated with some major changes showing up. Most notably, some projects are getting a new 5.1 branch: lp5.1! A new, revamped and open source website is also in the works, with a look inspired by material design." rel="lightbox-0">" height="150" width="150" />

We also got a tip about an updated gerrit (v2.10.1, from v2.7) that also boasts a blue theme to go with the SlimRoms branding. You can check it out over at for a sneak peek at the latest lp5.1 branch changes. Stay tuned for more updates!

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A game to try: Alien Star Menace
Don't know if you have time to try another game, but here's one from one of the people in an Indie Games Meetup group I am in. It's called "Alien Star Menace" and it is available on both Android and iOS. It was just released in the last two weeks. It's done in Unity. ... I like it because it is a turn-based strategy game, and it is set in space. I also like the "Hero Academy" style of play. I am not very far along, just a few levels in. It's amusing and challenging at the same time.
Hipster Dave
Meet Hipster Dave. He's a hipster falling through the sky collecting vinyl records. You've probably never heard of him.

Set in a hipster inspired world with coffee shops, crystals, fixed gear bicycles and more. Dave must collect all the vinyl he can find, while avoiding unwound cassette tapes. Featuring catchy original music that plays as the records are collected!

You can also change Dave's clothing. Fedoras, toques, plaid, clear glasses with no prescription, even a cat hat! Just to name a few. The game also includes Google Play Leaderboards & Achievements, so you can prove to your friends that you're so much cooler than them.

Hurry up and play, before it gets cool, as the game is available for free on Google Play.