February 09, 2016
Google Lets Adblock Fast Back into the Play Store

On the first of this month we saw Samsung release a new version of their browser and it included a content blocker API for 3rd-party apps to block things like advertisements. A few apps popped up to utilize this API, but one in particular was removed only 2 days after this announcement. After a week long appeal, Google has allowed Adblock Fast back into Google Play.

A Deep Dive Breakdown of Android Studio 2.0 Beta

Reto Meier is a software engineer and Android Developer Advocate at Google and he just published an article on Medium that shows all of the changes that are new to Android Studio 2.0 Beta: Instant Run, to faster build times, a new emulator, a UI that has been completely rebuilt and much more. After 10 canary builds of Android Studio 2.0, it is now in beta.