September 21, 2014
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The holidays will be here in no time, so why not start thinking about gifts now. You’ll be ahead of the game. For the Android enthusiast you can get them many things like a standard battery from Lepow, to a battery plus a plethora of options like an SD Card reader from RAVPower and a huge 14000mAh Power Bank from RAVPower.

In this episode of XDA Developer TV, Shane takes some time to talk about a unique smartphone accessory, the WowWee Mip. This device is marketed as a toy robot that you can control with your Android phone. Perhaps your Android nerdery extends to playing with robots too. Is this little robot neat? Check out this video to find out.

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One glance at any developer section of any device forum on XDA and you’ll find countless custom kernels handcrafted by XDA members. For the newcomer, this could be quite the treasure trove among the interwebz for them to play with. However, as much fun as they can provide, they could also be quite daunting to the aspiring developer who simply does not know where to start. If you feel this may be you, you should definitely check out XDA Senior Member Eliminator79’s kernel compiling tutorial.

Eliminator79 has written a great tutorial teaching you how to compile a kernel from source with a slight focus on Sony devices–although this tutorial can also be used for other devices. The tutorial is broken down into seven main parts being:

  1. Installing Ubuntu (within Windows OS)

  2. Downloading the source code

  3. Installing libraries

  4. Preparing the toolchain

  5. Adding features to the kernel

  6. Compiling

  7. Testing the kernel

Additionally, for the visual learners, Eliminator79 has included screenshots and examples of code to accompany each step of the way.

If you’re keen on learning how to compile your own kernel from source or are simply curious as to what the process is behind it, then head over to the kernel compiling tutorial thread to get started.

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Moody is an anonymous social network for sharing moods. Sure, Facebook lets you share a status, but it’s not an anonymous social network. This is where “Moody” fits in, this app will let you share your mood anonymously with others within your area. You log-in with Google+/Facebook, Moody detects your location and then you simply share a mood and see what others are feeling like doing in your area.

Here are some features that make Moody interesting:
- Login with Google+ or Facebook, no need to create an account (you can also easily revoke access from the app)
- Share moods with other people from your area anonymously (but you can include details in your mood if you want to)
- Moods are available for 1 hour before they get removed by the system (so no worries for using it when drunk, moods get deleted)
- You can try guessing moods from neighbors up to 30 meters or so (100 feet)

Moody is a fun app for those that are tired of intrusive social network apps, as it lets you share as few details as you want it to. The app is available for free on Google Play.
September 20, 2014
Callitics is a new smartphone app that brings disruptive technology to politics to get America back on the right track.

126 million Americans voted in the last elections, so imagine what would happen if voters had the platform to organize and place calls to their political representatives on important matters such as net neutrality, gun control and so on. That’s what Callitics is about, this app empowers voters to speak directly to power on the Congressional, the state, or the local level.

Anyone can now organize their own political phone call campaign easily and for free with Callitics and these are the features that make it possible:
- Pre-programmed phone numbers for local, state, national representatives
- Create your own viral call campaign for a particular cause that involves placing calls on the local, state or national level
- Support call campaigns created by other users with the same ideology as yours that were suggested automatically by the app
- Play the Callitics game by participating in viral call campaigns or create your own to see what idea is the most popular
- Share your call campaign via social networks and invite your friends to sustain your cause

It’s time to take matters into your own hands too by using Callitics, an app available for free on Google Play.
September 18, 2014
Android App Review: Control Your Phone with Quick Control Panel – XDA Developer TV" height="150" width="150" style="float: left; margin: 0 15px 15px 0;" />

Your Android smart device has many features that you use often. Sometimes getting to those options is not as quick as it could be, and getting there often requires you to open a big, heavy app. There has to be a better way. There has to be a quicker way.

XDA Senior Member Dr.Alexander_Breen offers up a simple application that gives you the ability to quickly and easily control your phone. In this video, XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews Quick Control Panel.  TK shows off the application and shares his thoughts of the application, so check out this app review.

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Nizam is a turn based magic puzzle game you can play against the AI or one of your friends. Nizam is actually the mobile version of a board game with the same name. In the game you participate in battles against other sorcerers with the goal of winning the title of the most powerful magician.

The best part is that you can play Nizam against your friends (or the AI if you want to train) and here are the features that make it addictive:
- Play magic duels with your friends to see who's a better sorcerer
- Unique "match 3" mechanics with simple swipe action to combine items
- Activate spells with jewels and increase your attack power with combos

Nizam is a great game to enjoy playing with friends and it is available for free on Google Play.
Play Music on Android Wear with Stellio Music Player" height="150" width="150" style="float: left; margin: 0 15px 15px 0;" />

Android Wear smartwatches are growing in popularity every day. Some devices have already been released to the market, while some some others were announced and are awaiting mass availability. One thing is inevitable though, and that is that they will soon conquer the Android-loving market pretty soon. When things get popular, they rapidly are the subject of developer attention and some interesting projects start to pop up as well.

Smartwatches seem to be the perfect devices from which to play music, but not many of the most popular music players have been rewritten with Android Wear compatibility. One application that has been designed to work with Android Wear is Stellio Music Player by XDA Forum Member doomedez. The application offers everything that you could possibly need from a music player. This application can control music, browse it by artist, folders, or albums. It can even color the surrounding elements by cover. The application also offers a handy equalizer and sync support with VKontakte, a popular social media portal.

If you are planning to buy an Android Wear smartwatch or you already have one, this music player is definitely an application that is worth a look. It’s nice to see applications designed to work with this new platform.

You can find Stellio Music Player by visiting the Stellio application thread. Head over there to turn your smartwatch into a stylish walkman right away.

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