December 19, 2014
Minipedia is a recently released app for Android that lets you access Wikipedia offline right from your smartphone. Minipedia employs an algorithm that selects only Wikipedia's most frequently accessed articles for its database, minimizing storage requirements.

Minipedia is a fast and simple way to access Wikipedia articles using your Android smartphone without a network connection. Here is what you get by installing it:
+ Offline access. No Signal? Don't worry, no matter where you are with Minipedia you'll have a whole encyclopedia right at your fingertips.
+ Relevant. Our algorithms select the most important articles based on country, popularity and time ensuring a high hit-rate even with a small amount of articles.
+ Search as-you-type. Searching for articles is extremely fast, as soon as you type the first letter you will see the first matches.
+ Share articles. Found a share-worthy article? Quickly share it use the quick share button to send it to friends.

Minipedia is available for free on Google Play and once you’ve downloaded the packages you are able to access all the relevant WikiPedia articles.
December 18, 2014
Mr Rabbit's Alphabet Adventure
Mr Rabbit's Alphabet Adventure is an educational game that helps kids learn the alphabet while playing a fun game. The game has a puzzle side as Mr. Rabbit has to travel through a maze to find the letters he needs so not only it helps children practice their alphabet but also trains their puzzle-solving skills. 3D environment also stimulates spacial orientation.

Here's what makes this game a perfect fit for kids:
+ Pronunciation exercise. Each collected letter is loudly pronounced by an enthusiastic voice of a child who enjoys playing the game, thus your child is encouraged to practice spelling it too.
+ Alphabet maze. The entire setup is a labyrinth where each letter opens another door and a particular set opens the path to a more difficult level.
+ Carrots, carrots, carrots. While collecting letters is the main goal, carrots are important as they add time for allocated to complete the level. Time limit is not increasing difficulty of the game, but is there to promote concentration of the goals.
+ Great play environment. The game has bright colours and beautiful environments that will attract kids like carrots attract rabbits and to top it all has an enthusiastic soundtrack to match the design.

"Mr Rabbit's Alphabet Adventure" is available for free on Google Play.
Bungee Mummy
Bungee Mummy is a game with many fun and impressive features, perhaps the most impressive one being the real-life 3D printable rewards generated by a proprietary 3D printing plugin.

In "Bungee Mummy" you must solve exciting puzzles and challenges with only your risk-taking nature, razor-sharp reflexes, and steely determination. Collect and earn vital scarabs (your in-game currency) to stock up on super power ups. The wiliest and most heroic will help put King Phero back on the throne, free the people, and secure 3D printed rewards.

Here are some of the features that "Bungee Mummy" captivates you with:
+ 3D Printable Rewards. Gamers earn 3D printable rewards using Steampunk Wizard’s proprietary 3D printing plug in.
+ Dynamic, Instinctive Physics-based Mechanics and Gameplay. Gamers can develop individualized styles of play using swinging and bungee launching, relying on instinct and physics.
+ Innovative and Stimulating Puzzles. Solve mind-stimulating puzzles, complete challenges, and avoid countless tricks, traps, and surprises while defeating enemies along the way.
+ Outstanding Mobile Game Graphics. Graphics rival big screen play. The world of Hagareem virtually comes to life on your device.

Bungee Mummy is available for free on Google Play.
December 17, 2014
Moto Rider Traffic
Moto Rider Traffic is an endless bike riding adventure that tests your reflexes and relaxes you in the same time.
In "Moto Rider Traffic" you drive your bike on an endless road, but this doesn't mean you survive for long, as obstacles or reckless drivers make sure you end up dead rather sooner than later. To survive you must rely on your reflexes and ability to act fast when a sudden curve shows up, another vehicle changes direction abruptly or any other lurking dangers.

Here’s what will captivate you in “Moto Rider Traffic”
+ 3D Graphics. The game features quality 3D graphics that are optimized to render well on low-end devices too
+ Different bike models. There are various motorcycles you can pick each with its own character and customizable colors.
+ Power-ups. Down the road you encounter plenty of coins and power-ups that help you survive longer and upgrade your ride.
+ Challenge friends. You can compete with your friends via Facebook to see who can get the higher score.

“Moto Rider Traffic” has a lot to offer for anyone that is passionate about driving games and best of all it’s available for free on Google Play.
Poodle Jump: Fun Jumping Games
BEWARE!! Poodle Jump is highly addicting game!!
If you are a fan of jumping games and doodle graphics, then Poodle Jump is the right game for you. Jumping with this cool doodle poodle will make you happy. Plus, you’ll get to practice hand-eye coordination.

Download for free from:

Fuzel Collage
Fuzel Collage is an app that lets you combine as many photos as you’d like using one of the templates available (from a vast array of them). You can also add text, stickers and music to the photos before finalizing the collage and finally when it's done you can share it via Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites.

Here are some of the features that helped Fuzel gain notoriety:
+ Unlimited Photos. There’s no rule to how many photos you have in a collage, choose from 1 to 100+, it’s up to you (photos from your Camera Roll, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr).
+ Collage templates. See your photos beautifully lay out in hundreds of auto-generated templates (including animated ones).
+ Add decoration. Have fun with your photos, add photo effects, stickers, patterns, labels & frames (new decor packs are released weekly).
+ Animated collages. Create a fun animated collage from your photos with music & beautiful transitions, customizable with your own watermark.
+ Share your collage. Once you’re done, just tap on “Save to device” or share it online via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.

There's no other app that matches the features and price (FREE) of Fuzel Collage, so it's a no brainer to install it if you want to create photo collages. The app is available for free on Google Play.
Get Android Wear Notifications On Your Pebble" height="150" width="150" style="float: left; margin: 0 15px 15px 0;" />

Back in 2012 a new Kickstarter project popped up showing a very unique device at the time: A smartwatch with the ability to properly show your phone’s notifications, the ability to run apps and an open SDK for developers to write their own applications. Over the last two years the Pebble has gotten a lot of new features like support for custom watchfaces, support for the Pebble to cooperate with an application on your phone, the ability to show notifications from every application, and much more.

Earlier this year Android Wear was announced, a native Android API for wearables to make use of, which resulted in the release of a number of Android Wear watches this year. The great thing about devices using the Android Wear API is that developers of wearables do not have to reinvent the wheel to access notifications for example, or reply to them. This not only results in a better user experience, because there is a much smaller chance of someone getting their implementation not quite right, but also keeps the Android wearable fragmentation at a minimum.

At the time of the release of Android Wear, Pebble was ahead of the game with their own API handling much of what the Android Wear API does. Since then Pebble has decided it’s time to release a new beta update for their Pebble application which includes support for the Android Wear API.

The new update gives you the ability to interact with notifications from your Pebble and is also compatible with devices running Android 4.0+ instead of Android 4.3+. On top of this Pebble finishes it off with some other nice features like automatic Pebble app updates, UTF-8 support in the PebbleKit JS and a bunch of bug fixes and other miscellaneous improvements including a fix for issues with Whatsapp notifications.

It’s awesome to see a company actively updating their hardware after more than two years since its initial release and Pebble mentions on its blog that they’re not done, not by a long shot!

While the rollout of this new Pebble Android app is a huge step in evolving the Pebble Android user experience, there is a lot more that we want to do to set Pebble’s mobile app experience apart, and we are growing both our Android and iOS teams to achieve our vision.”

If you want to read the full official release notes, or you want to try this new beta for yourself, you should head over to the Pebble blog post about the new beta. Do bear in mind though, it’s still a beta and there’s a good chance it will contain a few bugs, so try it at your own risk, and let us know your experience with it in the comments below.

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