January 31, 2015
Twisted Racer
Twisted Racer is an unusual racing game where the winner must also be a daredevil. In "Twisted Racer" you pick a vehicle and race against other cars not on the grounds of who finishes first, but also who does the most stunts. Collect gold coins as you drive recklessly towards the finish and do as many jumps and twists as possible to get the highest score. Here are some of its main features:

+ Different vehicles. 12 vehicles are waiting for you to skin them with 3 different options.
+ Levels & missions. The game has 18 colorful levels, from green forests to mountains and even Mars, each with two missions so double the fun (double the trouble).
+ In-game upgrades. Collect the gold coins as you race others, jump and twist to improve your score and get more coins to upgrade your car.
+ Simple gameplay. The game is a side-scroller and you control your car with your thumbs until the finish line, just beware at rockets, bombs and poisonous clouds
+ Achievements & Leaderboard. Compete against your friends to see who gets a better ranking at "Twisted Racer" and join the worldwide leaderboard.

Can you reach the finish line ahead your competitors? There’s only one way to find out, and since “Twisted Racer” is free you can get it right from Google Play.
January 30, 2015
Future Tanks
In Future Tanks you choose a tank from the range available and you’re ready to go to battle. It’s no ordinary battle, as you connect to our servers and play online in real-time against other players. For each mission there’s a goal and the result is a bonus you can use to upgrade your gear further and advance in ranks. With impressive 3D graphics, "Future Tanks" will allow you to play epic battles in Sci-Fi worlds.
Just to hook you into playing, here’s only a few of the features "Future Tanks" captivates with:
+ Online battle gameplay. You play real-time 3D online battles against your friends or random players - just drive, point and shoot your enemies!
+ Futuristic tanks. The garage lets you choose from 16 futuristic tanks, from a basic Bulldog B11-A to an advanced Oblivion O-520 (each tank has different armor/attack/speed/firing interval).
+ Upgrades. Buy a better tank or upgrade the properties of the existing one, from its cannon/chassis/reloader to its armor/engine or choose a cool camouflage.
+ Local Leaderboards. See how you rank in your city/area/country or the entire world, based on your score (and play the game often as there are daily bonuses).
+ Futuristic Maps. Currently there are 8 different maps, from the red Mars to the beautiful Crystals Valley or the creepy Avanpost.

"Future Tanks" is available for free on Google Play and if you’re a fan of the online battle genre beware, the game is highly addictive.
January 29, 2015
Jake Wharton talks Kotlin Development for Android
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Despite Java being the language of choice for a large majority of Android Developers, a number of non-Java options are available for developers too. Check out this informative post by Jake Wharton on using Project Kotlin-a programming language by Jetbrains-to develop Android apps.

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Have Some ‘Quality Time’ – App Review
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Our phones are jam packed with features. You can crush candy, you can send emails, you can take photos, you can make phone calls and you can surf the internet. However, sometimes that’s just too much. Sometimes we need to take a break from our device, but it is not always and easy as it seems.

The team of developers at ZeroDesktop Inc. offer up an app that gives you some quality time away from the distractions on your phone. In this video XDA TV Producer TK reviews Quality Time.  TK shows off the application, its uses, functionality and talks about his thoughts of the application. Check out this app review.

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